Kavita, Banker

"Krys did a closet edit for me. She came to my home and was very professional, patiently giving her input on all the outfits I tried on for her. Krys was honest about her views in a very respectful manner. I enjoyed listening to her approach to my wardrobe, emphasizing both comfort as well as what pieces enhanced my look. We also discussed what additional pieces I need to round out and complete my wardrobe now that I had discarded so many items. We agreed what needed to be replaced and then she asked me a few key questions about my style followed by research on where to go to fill in my wardrobe. It was a fun and educational experience as well as a task that needed to get done. I’m grateful for Krys’ styling service and can’t wait to do more follow up work with her."

Bistra, Personal Trainer

I’m probably not the typical person you would think would seek out a personal stylist; a mom, personal trainer who apparently hasn’t done much shopping other than workout sweatpants and sneakers. I have some sense of style but when I actually had my wardrobe assessed by Krys, I realized I needed some serious help. 

Krys went over my entire wardrobe, helped me understand why certain looks are a better fit for me compared to others. She gave me confidence that I am a mother but I can still look beautiful, attractive and classy.

Moreover, Krys was able to identify pieces of clothing that I needed in my wardrobe and she came shopping with me! She was very respectful of my budget and did her own research on where we should shop and for what. We were done within an hour and I came home with multiple essential pieces of clothing that didn’t break the bank. 

I was so pleased working with Krys on my style. The experience definitely exceeded my expectations! 


Jen, Lawyer


Working with Krys has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.  I knew I needed to purge and organize my closet as I couldn't see the floor to it anymore, but I didn't anticipate actually gaining a brand new closet in the process of shedding bags of clothes.  Krys helped me see clothes that I have owned for years in a completely different way, suggesting outfits and pairings that I simply didn't consider.  She also identified a few basic staples for me to purchase at stores with both high and low price points.  She's created a look book for me that I can tap into whenever I don't have time to think about what to wear or just need inspiration, and I find myself often texting her seeking a quick tip on what to wear for particular occasions.  Not only has Krys brought organization and simplicity into my life while making me more stylish, she is also a LOT of fun.  I look forward to my styling sessions with her and am always sad when they come to an end.  She is a true style resource, and her passion for fashion is self-evident.