I used to be able to easily walk around in 5 inch stilettos before having kids. My husband (then boyfriend) and I would go out to dinner and I'd be wearing some ridiculously high heels and he'd have to give me a piggy back ride until we could flag down a cab or get to the nearest train station to get back to our apartment. Now he could easily throw out his back carrying me around and who wants to carry a full grown human being when you have to spend half your day picking up little ones!? lol

So most of the time you would catch me in flats but when I want to dress up a bit I just love the look of booties!  I have a few different pairs in leather and suede but these bluish gray Christian Louboutin pair are one of my absolute favorites! The color is perfect and the versatility of the ankle height is great. I can wear them with dresses, jeans, leather pants or skirts and they always look perfect! Also the heel height is just right, not too high and not too low! For this particular brand I find the 100mm heel to be the most comfortable height for walking.

Do you guys love booties as much as I do?


Your Friendly Neighborhood Stylist!


Close up shot of Kry’s Christian Louboutin booties.

Details: Christina Louboutin Booties (similar here and here)