Blake's Peppa Pig Birthday Party

Krys and Blake dancing at Blake’s Peppa Pig Birthday.

This year Blake wanted to have a Peppa Pig party for her 5th birthday. She had mentioned to me that she wants to be a chef when she grows up so I googled “cooking party” in NYC and stumbled upon Freshmade. This place is so cute! They have cooking classes for kids ages 2 and up and they host birthday parties as well.

They recently expanded the space and it’s just perfect for any size party! When we arrived for Blake’s party they had a chalkboard drawing of Peppa that read Happy Birthday Blake! They had also printed out Peppa pig coloring pages on a table for the kids to color, it was such a nice touch and a nice surprise to walk into!


I brought a few extra Peppa themed things of my own. I have to admit I went a little crazy after spending countless hours on pinterest! Life got a little hectic for a few weeks leading up to the party so I didn’t get to do all of the pinterest worthy things that I had planned but I think it turned out just right! I bought some Peppa pig wall decals that Freshmade let me put in different places and they provided glass jars to put some candy in so I was able to put the decals on them too. I also brought in all of Blake’s Peppa Pig books to decorate the bookshelf. The staff was kind enough to clear out a row for me to display the books so that I wouldn’t have to find them all after the party.


I brought a few Peppa stuffed animals and a little school house for the kids to play with and sprinkled them around the event space. My favorite pinterest inspired items were the glass milk jugs that I purchased on amazon and then put a Peppa sticker on them. These were great because they came with red and white striped reusable straws so I didn’t have to worry about buying straws separately.


During the party, the kids got to make tomato sauce and pasta from scratch and while the pasta was cooking the staff put on a dance party for the kids! They played all of Blake’s favorite Michael Jackson songs as well as music from the Trolls soundtrack that she requested. Blake and her friends had a blast! They got to eat the pasta they made and a Peppa Pig cake from my favorite bakery, Molly’s Cupcake on Bleeker street. Molly’s did a beautiful job with the cake and it was absolutely delicious!!


The party was so much fun! I have to say that this was the least stressful party we’ve had to date and I love the fact that the 2 year old siblings were able to participate and we didn’t have to plan a separate activity for them!


Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighborhood Stylist,

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