I am such a sucker for women’s clothing inspired by menswear! I love seeing a woman in a suit that looks like a men’s tuxedo but is actually perfectly tailored to her body. And I love button down shirts that fit like they could belong to your boyfriend. I’ve been known to buy some from the men’s section in stores and sometimes even in the little boys section. Hey, if it fits, why not? I got this amazing white button down from H&M last season and it is so gorgeous, it has white on white pin stripes, a tuxedo bib and slight ruffles on the collar and it fits to perfection! I paired it with some faux leather leggings and some snake skin shoes for a date night. 

It’s easy to find mens inspired looks in the women’s section but did you know sometimes its less expensive to just buy the actual mens item?

Now that a lot of men's tailored shirts are offered in a slim fit they are perfect for women too! I have a boyish figure--meaning no waist or hips--and I find the men's fit to be more flattering on me. I even buy a lot of my t-shirts in the men's sections because the women's ones are so tight around my waist that I prefer a boxier fit. 

Another great find in the men's section are coats!! Yes, coats! Now that oversized coats are in style they have some super cute options in the men's section that you can just buy in a small size! So next time you are shopping hit up the mens section and see if you can find some great wardrobe staples!

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Krys on a rooftop posing in a white men’s shirt and leather pants.
Krys posing with her white men’s shirt and leather pants.

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