Up until very recently I would only wear neutral colors. Navy, black, gray and white were my wardrobe staples. Sure, I might spring for some pastel colors in warmer seasons but in the Winter, never! This year I started experimenting with color and I really have to give starting my instagram account credit for that! I wanted to add some variety to my page so I started with buying a few pink sweaters. I have to say I am much more into color than I ever was before. It actually helps to put me in a good mood when I’m wearing something colorful!

The other thing that puts me in a good mood is music! If I could have music playing constantly in the background of my life I think it would be almost impossible to catch me in a bad mood!

I was totally dancing and listening to music in my head for this shoot. My photographer kept laughing at me because I was making weird faces at her so she told me to pretend to listen to music. Which of course made me want to dance! I was singing a Drake song in my head in case you are wondering. If you follow my instastories you know Drake’s music is how I get through everything (endoscopy, cryotherapy, raising two kids, lol anywhere they give me the option to play music I’m probably going to ask them to play Drake!) 

I had so much fun doing this shoot! I'm not a very serious person even though I feel like I could come across that way if you only see my serious poses on my blog and instagram. It was definitely nice to switch it up this time and include a few of my favorite things; dancing, Chanel, and apparently now pink sweaters! lol)

What do you guys think of bright colored sweaters? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Stylist! 

Krys posing in a pink sweater and Chanel earmuffs.
Krys posing with long leather boots and a pink sweater.

Details: Chanel earmuffs (similar here and here)| H&M sweater (similar here and here)| Ksubi Jeans (similar here)| Chanel boots (similar here and here)